Review: INNATE by EYOT


EYOT’s new album, INNATE,  is understated and brilliant.

The album is a journey through dark mysteries, heroic anthems, and illuminated reflection. All of this has a very powerful air of character, yet never feels like imitation or style; even the segments that might be seen as most imitative or literal are deconstructed in ways that create a captivating sound, which is very impressive for such a timbral palette. Of course the timbral palette was carefully designed to be so simple, almost as if to scoff at most musicians’ reliance on timbre to ornament their shallow forms. Nonetheless, the four musicians of EYOT approach their play very humbly in spite of their obvious skill. Their solos are grippingly interesting in form and deeply evocative in feeling, yet are never self indulgent or overbearing.


Also, the music video for the opening track, Veer, is a perfect fit for the music’s mystery and illusion. It’s full of brilliant tricks.