Tower at One Blackfriars was designed to be built at the site with the same name in London. Although many towers might visually emphasize their verticality, they are experienced as a flat “stack of pancakes” by users. This tower attempts to give a 3-dimensional experience to users through the incorporation of 2-level rentable office modules.




Untitled.pngSpatial Experience Cabin illustrates design that encourages users to experience rather than just see verticality and spatial relationships of design elements. Shown in the Unity game engine, used for my internship in virtual reality. See more at




isotanAikido Fort Collins transports occupants to a world of intense yet playful personal development. Designed for the nonprofit:




Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.36.12 AM.png

A Living Museum for the Life and Works of Antoni Gaudi was designed as a living creature with integral passive strategies and mechanical systems parallel to the biological sense of Gaudi’s structural design.




Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.40.59 PM

Polyrhythm facade: designed hypothetically to replace a burned building in downtown Laramie, Wyoming.




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Cosmos Chapel was designed hypothetically for inter-religious use at the University of Wyoming.



BBC Tower Solo a conceptual skyscraper project experimenting with a concrete shell “diagrid.”



Office Interior Design project using modular furniture from National Office Furniture.



Mental Health Interior Design project for a medical themed competition.




Furniture designs built using recycled wood from a deck.